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How far would you go for your first love?

The Studio Cast RADcording Album

Later this year, Broadway Records, the Grammy-nominated label that's released cast albums such as Matilda, Peter Pan Live and Side Show, as well as concert albums from such stars as Patti LuPone, will release a studio cast album of Like You Like It!

We have spent the last six months in the recording studio with our ridiculously talented cast, assembled by our genius casting director Robin Carus. We have some alumni of our previous productions, readings and concerts, as well as some new folks we are thrilled to welcome to the "Arden Mall."

Music Director Beth Falcone and Yellow Sound Lab Producer Michael Croiter conducted our multiple sessions with ease, humor and masterful craft, and our production manager Mackenzie Meeks ran such a smooth operation.

We are so grateful to Broadway Records' Van Dean for this phenomenal opportunity.

Rosalind: Alison Luff (Matilda, Ghost, Wicked National Tour)
Orlando: Derek Klena (Diner, Dogfight, Carrie)
Celia: Patti Murin (Lysistra Jones, Xanadu)
Touchtone: Robin De Jesus (In the Heights, Wicked)
Phil: Nick Cearley (“The Skivvies,’ Pageant)
Sylvie: Bonnie Milligan (Kinky Boots 1st National Tour)
Audrey: Kate Rockwell (Rock of Ages, Bring It On)
Oliver: Sam Underwood (Fox's "The Following")
Jackie: Lesli Margherita (Matilda)
Ensemble: Elisabeth Ness, Chandler Reeves, Aaron Riesebeck, Emily Rogers, Patrick Shelton

Also, because we have had so many requests for one of our cut songs, we recorded a bonus track with Laura Osnes (Cinderella, Bonnie and Clyde) & Nathan Johnson (Like You Like It at The Gallery Players), who reprised their beautiful rendition of Rosalind & Orlando's duet "All of The Above" from last year's 54 Below concert.

We also recorded four students from groups such as Broadway Workshop, the 1214 Foundation and Kidz Theater as a special teen ensemble on a song we wrote specifically for the high school version: Hillary Fisher, Michael Nigro, Joshua Spencer and Lexi Tobin.

We were so overwhelmed with joy by our cast's exhilarating vocals. Their performances are hilarious, moving and simply stunning. We look forward to sharing some sneak preview videos with you soon - and most of all to sharing the final product with you.
If you would like to become a Like You Liker by supporting some of our completion costs for the album, please consider helping us reach our goal of $4085 by May 28 at Rockethub.

The 54 Below Concert Because It Was Totally Shakespeare's 450th Birthday

On April 23, 2014, we celebrated Shakespeare's 450th birthday in style with an all-star, sold-out concert at 54 Below with a cast of amazing performers including Laura Osnes (Cinderella), Sam Underwood (Fox's "The Following"), Jenna Leigh Green (Wicked, Bare), Ben Fankhauser (Newsies), Kate Rockwell (Rock of Ages), Nick Cearley (The Skivvies) and more! Check out youtube page for our videos and all the coverage on playbill.com, as well as Awesome In New York.

Photos by Kevin H. Lin.

Betty White!

Betty White Rules the world

Thanks to the popularity of the Like You Like It cut song "Betty White," Sammy and Dan are interviewed and featured in the book Betty White Rules the World by Mike Pingel.

Check out Max Crumm and Kennedy Caughell singing "Betty White" at our recent 54 Below Concert.

Thank you to our LikeYouLikers!

On May 4, 2014 (the 30th anniversary of John Hughes' classic movie Sixteen Candles), we launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for the album. In our five week campaign, over 200 supporters became LikeYouLikers.

Check out the article about the campaign on Redisover the ’80s and click on the arrow below to see some of the nice things our friends have said about the campaign:

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Many thanks to the generous contributors to our studio album crowdfunding campaign:

Shelley Acquisto
Brandon Adams
Kerri Adler
Aron Alon
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Elliott Baker
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