After two very intense weeks, the students at Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta, CA (outside of Santa Barbara) perform a reading of the new and high school-friendly version of the show as part of their Broadway Beginnings program.

Director: Clark Sayre
Music Director: Dan Acquisto
Accompanist: Chris Kimbler
Sound Design: Lani Ballonoff

Rosalind: Kelly Ary
Celia: Sammy Peter
Sylvie: Kate Bergstrom
Audrey: Sarah Mutinelli
Jackie: Katie Thatcher
Orlando: Michael Curtis
Oliver: Tim Smith
Touchtone: Trevor Dow
Phil: Adam Trent
Eddie: Erik Kinck
Band Girl #1/Salesgirl: Kat Brady
Band Girl #2/Rich Girl: Whitney Hutchings
Band Guy #3/Burnout: Damien Pearson
Jock #1/Prep Guy: Dylan Morrow-Jones
Jock #2/Geek: Chris Moray
Freshman: Geoffrey Bell
Foreign Exchange Student: Max Sosna-Speare
Madonna fan: Molly Nugent
Mallory: Jen Okeneko
Tiffany: Claire Gordon Harper