Be A Little Wild Instrumental Track – Key: D (preferred key)


Pictured: The cast of the Visakha Vidyalaya in Sri Lanka. Photo by Charindu Meemaduma, Xtream Youth.


Sheet music available for purchase here.

Rosalind is a straight-A babe who wants to go to the big dance at the mall with senior varsity wrestler Orlando, but she has never had the guts to talk to him. Rosalind’s best friend Celia urges her to stop playing everything so safe. Rosalind, alone, heads to class in this song, the second of the show.

Video (Please note this version is in the key of E): The Cast of the Sam Houston State University/Theatre Under the Stars production and other singers who have sung the song:

Vocals: Rosalind (Rebecca Soler) & Company (Raquel Hecker, Becca Ayers, Jeff Gurner, Adam Overett, Joshua Park, Jamie McGonnigal, Tara Sands, Joanna Young)

Available on Apple Music (Key:  D):