November 11 – 19, 2011
Goleta, CA

The show made a triumphant return to Dos Pueblos High School, who workshopped the show in 2005. The Bragg Health Institute was there to present a check to the school in support of the show, which ran with two casts.

Co-Directors: Clark Sayre, Gioia Marchese
Producer/Choreographer: Gioia Marchese
Musical Director: John Douglas

Rosalind: Nanda Douglas/Talya Steinberg
Orlando Bateman: Ray Cothern
Celia: Zeni Tziouvaras/Caitlin Holbrook
Oliver: Blake Benlan
Audrey: Shari Howard/Carly Weisman
Touchtone: Jeremy Zaida/William Harvey
Sylvie: Nimisha Shinday
Phil: Cameron Wells/Cole Peterson
Jackie: Colleen Murphy

Nerds: PK Prekash, Andrew Dutcher, Luis Oviedo
Preppy Girls: Miranda Ruth, Savannah Tingle, Anisha Kumar
Foreign Exchange Student: Alissa Kruidenier
Punk Girls: Stephanie Ziretta, Andrea Laughrin
Neckbrace Girl: McKensey Nadler
Audrey’s Minions: Sabrina Wagner, Rose White, Cambria Metzinger, Sarah Minnis
Jocks: Eric Capelle, Paul Sinicrope, Patrick Stott
Sales Girl: Savannah Tingle
Ensemble/Swings: Anna Mooey, Aliza Walton