September 6, 2011
Kalamazoo, MI

After ten of the most amazing days we’ve had in the last eleven years of this show, we workshopped, experimented (cut two songs!) and worked with an amazing group of students at Western Michigan Univeristy. Many thanks to Jay Berkow for creating a program that we’re now calling “The O’Neill Center of the Midwest.” We are also grateful for the grants provided by the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation as well as the Frederick W. Freund Career Development Fund, and hope that they will continue to invest in American Musical Theatre.

Director: Jay Berkow
Musical Director: Matt Shabala
Stage Manager: Alan Knight

Rosalind: Abbey Clark
Orlando: Blair Grotbeck
Celia: Danielle Campbell
Touchtone: Kevin Watson
Oliver: Nik Spayne
Sylvie: Meridith Keller
Phil: Phillip McLellan
Jackie: Sophia Araoz
Audrey: Julie Baird
Freshman: Zachary Bezdziecki
Tiffany: Taylor Keenan
Mallory: Meghan Shanahan
Goth Girl/Salesgirl: Tia Pinson
Jocks: Bello Pizzimenti, Peter Pappas, Colton Stevens